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27. Studi Fenomenologi Komunikasi Empatik Orangtua dan Anak Penderita Kanker

This thesis entitled Phenomenological study about Empathic Communication between parents and children with Cancer in Medan’s Children cancer Oncologi Foundation. The purpose of this research is: (1) describe the efforts of empathic communication between parents and children with cancer (2) interpret empathic communication process through which parents and children with cancer. (3) viewed  constraints  during  the  process  of  empathic  communication  is  done between parents and children with cancer , Relevant theories in the study such as Exchange Theory of Love by Kory Floyd, Jeff Judd and Collin Hesse, Family Relations Theory of Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, as well as the theory of Emotional communication initiated by Allen Dittman.
This type of research is qualitative with phenomenological analysis method, which aims to dig deeper into a phenomenon through a life experience. The research subject is determined by the criteria and obtained six parents in the Children's Oncology Foundation Medan. Data collection techniques used is by using in- depth interviews and literature studies. To maintain objectivity and validity of this study,  the  researchers  used  three  types  namely  triangulation  triangulation methods, theories and sources.
This research depicts how the phenomenon of empathic communication that is done by parents and children with cancer and the result of this research are as follows: (1) Effortless Communication empathetic parents and children with cancer,  which  began  to  know  her  condition at  the  onset  of  pain  until  later convicted of having cancer, the effort is to change the quality of relationships within the family until the condition of each of both parents and children; (2) The Communication Process Emphatic traversed between parents and children with cancer which include changes in attitudes that occur between them during perobatan  and  change  habits,  to  the vision and  mission  in  an  effort healing process  (3) Barriers perceived during the ongoing process of communication empathic between parents and children with cancer which include physical barriers; while other constraints such as time and distance barriers.

Keywords: Empathic Communication, Love, Family, Cancer, Emotional
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