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39. Psychoanalysis Of The Dream Works To Show Roy’s Despair Toward Indian Society In Arundhati Roy’s “The God Of Small Things”


Arundhati Roy was born on 24 November 1961 as a daughter of a widow. Roy is a child of a marriage between a Christian women from Kerala with a Bengali Hindu tea planter. By The God of Small Things, she becomes a famous Indian writer who writes in English. She comes out first between the formers who wrote in English. Her novel can against hypocrisy and also the people’s majesty through social and culture background of Kerala.

As a native Indian writer, Roy knows the reality happen in India and she supposed to do something dealing with the unideal condition happen in her society. Roy shows her desperation and put her wishes through the dream of the characters. In The God of Small Things, Roy portrays the existence of native Indian society and rises up the phenomena of social, cultural, racial, and also religion. Roy puts the dreams as the way to reach her own dream.

In this final project, I take Arundhati Roy’s novel entitled The God of Small Things. It sets in Kerala, a place seen from socio-cultural or political condition is very interesting. Kerala shows multi cultural condition enriched by Portuguese and English invader. In this final project, I present the problems of how are the application of the dream and what are the realistic values behind the dreams of the characters.

The objectives of this writing are to find out the application of dreams, which can describe Indian’s society, and also to find out the realistic values behind the dream of the characters. I hope that by knowing Freudian Dream works, the readers will know the importance of the dreams for the native Indian society.

In doing the analysis, I used descriptive analytic method using qualitative approach, because the data of my analysis are in form of words, sentences, and utterances, not numbers. Descriptive analytic method is conducted by describing facts and then analyzing them.

The dreams found in The God of Small Things represent about racialism, social matters, women discrimination, culture and also religion. It is obvious that Roy’s novel The God of Small Things unconsciously influence Roy’s wishes in the case of making a better life in India.

After reading this final project, entitled Psychoanalysis of the dream works to show Roy’s despair toward Indian society in Arundhati Roy’s ‘The God of Small Things’ it is suggested to the readers to be more optimistic and introspective although we are put under pressure condition. The most important is to be confidence in showing whom we are and where we are from.
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