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87. The translation of Gerund In Carolin Plaisted Novel ELOVE And Its Translation By Sutanti Lesmana


One of the problems that translators need to solve in translating a text into Indonesian language is gerund because there is no gerund system in Indonesian. Gerund has a noun form but it may have a verbal meaning. In fact, mostly gerund has a verbal meaning. This system does not exist in Indonesian language.

The aims of this research are to describe the equivalence of gerund from English into Indonesian language and to describe the procedures used by the translator in translating gerund into Indonesian language in Elove by Caroline Plaisted bilingual edition.

In addition, this research tends to be descriptive qualitative research since it does not deal with number at all, which describes about the gerund and the translation into indonesian used in Elove by caroline Plaisted bilingual edition. In addition, the gerunds in Elove are categorized based on the functions, they are object of preposition, object of verb and subject. Then they are focused on what procedures the translator uses to translate the gerunds. The procedures in translating gerunds are divided into; 1. A shift which consists of class shift and unit shift. 2. A non shift which consist of non class shift and omission. After analyzing the data, the writer’s first conclusion is that gerund is usually translated into either a verb or a noun. Mostly gerunds are translated into a verb with the prefix Me+V. The writer’s second conclusion is that gerunds are translated either by shift or non shift. Mostly gerunds are translated by class shift. At last, the writer suggests and has big expectation to the next researcher to be able to explore the procedures of gerund translation deeply. The writer realizes there are many weaknesses in his study, especially in the occurrence of gerund translation and its parts are difficult to be found
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