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88. A Semantic Analysis on the English Translation of Surah Al-Furqon by T. B. Irving


Semantics is one of branches of linguistics studying about the meaning and considered as a major branch of linguistics devoted to study of meaning in language. According to what has long been the most widely accepted as theory of semantic s, meaning are ideas or concepts that can be transferred from the mind of the speaker to the mind of the hearer by embodying them, as it were, in the forms of one language or another.

Meaning is also found on language of the translationof Holy Qur’an as the Revelation of Allah to Muhammad. Based on the background, this research is conducted with three problems. They are; What kinds of meanings are involved in the English translation of Surah Al- Furqon by T. B. Irving?. What messages are found in the translation of Surah Al-Furqon by T. B. Irving?. What translation method does T. B. Irving use in translating Surah Al-Furqon from Arabic into English? In anlyzing this surah, the researcher used a descriptive qualitative design since the data are in the form of words rather than numbers. The researcher used the English translation by T. B. Irving as the relevant source of data. After reading and understanding the data obtained and getting information from informants and internet, She analyzed with several steps; First of all the researcher categorized the data into four categories in accordance with the division of data used as the data sources, the data each categories are presented, analyzed and concluded, after the data of the whole categories have already been presented, analyzed and concluded, the researcher made tentative conclusion and continued by making final conclusion after consulting or discussing the informants.

There are three kinds of meaning which are involved on the English translation of Surah Al-Furqon by T. B. Irving, they are: Lexical, Sentence or Utterance and discourse meaning. Related to the lexical meaning, Synonym, antonym, denotative, Connotation, Ambiguity, homophony and hyponym are found in this surah. Sentential meaning also occurred in this surah, analytic Synthetic sentence and entailment. In addition, T. B. Irving applied discourse meaning such as Verse 14,24,26,53, etc. From the result of the study, the researcher concluded that T. B. Irving translation of the verses of Surah Al-Furqon involved lexical meaning, sentence and utterance meaning, and discourse meaning. Lexical meaning ominates the number of the verses, then it is followed by senetence and utterance meaning, and next is discourse meaning.

Finally, the researcher expects that this study could give contribution toward the researcher herself moreover for anyone who want to do the same field (literary woks) in accordance with semantic analysis. Besides, She hopes any comments and suggestions since this study is far from perfection.
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