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98. The Sexist Swear Words Used by the Characters in Shottas Movie


This research focuses on analyzing sexist swear words used by thecharacters in Shottas movie. The sexist swear words is the obscenity of words which are used to swear and view indecent and taboo in society; those words are used to insult, to curse, to offend, or to mock at something or someone when the speaker has strong emotion of which impact can trivialize women or men position. The aim of this research is to describe sexist swear words used by the characters in Shottas movie. This research will give understanding of sexist swear words and the way how it is used in movie dialogue, especially by black American gangster. The design of this research is descriptive qualitative. It describes sexist swear word used by the Character in Shottas movie. The data are words and phrases that are used by four characters namely Biggs, Wayne, Max and Teddy Brukshut in several settings such as in a restaurant, in a house, and in an office. The data are analyzed firstly by finding the context, classifying them into seven types of sexist swear words, then explaining and describing the utterance based on the categorization, including the reasons behind using sexist swear word, and the meaning of the utterance based on Geoffrey Hughes theory. In addition, the researcher does not find all types of sexist swear words are used by four characters. There are only six types of sexist swear words are used in the dialogues, they are sexual irregularities term, human genital term, motherin- law term, copulative term, excretory term, and animal term. The findings of this research show that the characters of Shottas movie use sexist swear words to express their strong emotion, to insult hearer, to show strong personal identification, to provoke somebody else, to show term of endearment, and to provide catharsis when someone offend the characters of Shottas movie.
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