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1. The USe Of Film In Teaching Speaking Skills


 This chapter provides background of the study, statements of the study, aims of the study, scope of the study, significant of the study, research method, and organization of paper.
1.1     Background of the Study
According to Indonesian curriculum for senior high school students, one of four skill aspects that have to be mastered is speaking. Nevertheless, speaking skills seem to be a difficult skill to be mastered. A study that was conducted by Aisah regarding speaking skills improvement shows some problems in speaking are  encountered  by  student  in  a  university.  Based  on  questionnaires  and observation  of  12  students,  it  was  found  that  they  faced  some  problems  in speaking, such as poor grammatical mastery (93%), lack of vocabulary (83%), being scared of speaking in class and making mistake (58%), poor pronunciation (42%), lack of motivation (33%), and being shy to speak (25%) (Aisah, 2010). In addition, another factor is lack of confidence. It shows that 84% of male and 81% of  female  university  students  had  difficulties  in  speaking  (Muamaroh,  2010), another study shows some speaking problems that are encountered by senior high school students in Malang. The problems are lack of support, lack of motivation, and peer pressure. The problems include poor vocabulary, incorrect grammatical rules, poor pronunciations, lack of confident in speaking English, and better using Indonesian response than English (Yuli, 2007).
People naturally get the speaking ability from the basic till advanced level in their mother tongue. However, these stages have to begin in cycle in learning a foreign language. It is considered that speaking ability becomes complex as it includes command of certain skills and different types of knowledge (Thornbury, 2006).
In  teaching  and  learning  activities,  students  need  to  be  supported  by relevant things to improve the students’ capability in achieving the objectives of the learning. Media can make the materials more understandable. Media can also help create more interesting learning activities, and encourage teachers’ creativity in  providing  the  various  methods  in  their  teaching  and  learning  activity (Megawati, 2010).
Media as supporting tools in teaching and learning process can make the materials clearer, give more varied teaching techniques and make learning more interesting. One of the media that can be used is films. Films as multimedia can be used in learning English, especially when it comes to speaking class. There are some benefits of watching various English movies for learning (Fathiyyaturrizqi,
2010.     Mulya, 2008; Suhartini, 2010), as the learners are accustomed to see how the native speakers speak English with native  facial expression, and gestures based on the situation that are encountered without facing native speakers directly.   The  use  of  movie  can  encourage  students’  motivation  in  learning  the
narrative  writing.  It  is  because  the  movie  can  build  instructional  atmosphere

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