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47. A Woman’s Ambitions In Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Poems Entitled “How Do I Love Thee” And “The Lady’s Yes”


1.1. Background of the Study

Living in social community is not easy. As human beings we are created not only as an individual creature but we also have to live with others in the social environment, which is very complex. We know that life is full of curiosity. Identical to life itself, human beings tend to be curious about each other’s life and usually, they are also curious about their own lives. In this case, everybody has an ambition, both good or bad ambition. As Hornby states in Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary (1995: 12) ambition is strong desire to be successful. Ambition itself has many senses. It is an eager and sometimes inordinate desire for something.

Everybody must have ever passed difficult things in his life. Sometimes we face the problem that cause conflict of our heart and feeling. The conflict can affect us both psychologically or physically. Psychology relates to our mind and feeling while physic relates to our appearance. Conflicts do not only appear in real life, we can also find them in an imaginary story. In this case, there is a close relation between moral values and literary works. If we analyze literary works more deeply we will know that they are written to show moral values in human life. It does not matter whether they are about society, economy, religion or culture.

Based on the aim of writing, Laurence Perrine (1959: 3) makes two broad categories of literature. He states that there are two kinds of literature; literature of escape and literature of interpretation. Literature that is written purely only for entertainment, that can help us pass the time and forget every single thing that disturb our mind, viz. problems, in temporarily way, is called escape literature. On another side, in this beautiful life, if we want to know about the reality of life and to understand what is hidden behind the scene of life more deeply, we may learn it from the interpretative literature. The interpretative literature is especially written to broaden, to deepen and to sharpen our awareness of life. It takes us through the imagination into the real world and enables us to understand our problems. So, it can make us understand the reality of life.

Since literature is an imitating of our real life, it reveals about people and societies including their cultures, their varying ways and concepts of life, love, justice, and other significant issues of human experience. Literature is a spontaneous expression from deepest feeling.

Meanwhile, Rees (1973:1-2) states that literature has two senses; they are broad sense and narrow sense. In the broad sense, literature is any writing or anything that is written, such as book, brochures, etc. The readers can get any information of fact by this kind of literature. In narrow sense, literature is a piece of writing, which expresses and communicates thoughts, feeling, or ideas and attitudes toward life in the world. It means that the writer wants to communicate to the readers about his feeling, his emotion, not about the fact or information.

There are many kinds of literature that we can read and study in our life. In most discussions about literature, however, it is the narrow sense which is used. In this sense, literature is of three kinds; poetry, drama and prose. In general, there are four types of literature. They are poetry, prose (fiction/nonfiction), drama and autobiography.

The literature of knowledge presents or interprets facts, ideas, or happenings, a description of place, the explanation of scientific process, the account of war or the discussion of a political issue. It appeals primarily to sense of reason or intelligence. The literature of imagination interprets experience by a fictitious presentation of person, ideas, and events. The author ivents a lifelike image that embodies truths of human nature. He aims at presenting the general truth of human nature in a concrete way.

1.2. Reason for Choosing the Topic

Literature is complex. It gives us something more than pleasure. It can make us open our eyes, sharpen our minds on how to face the truth, the reality of life. That is why the poet in literature tries to express his/her feeling, his/her emotion in order to communicate with the readers.

In my opinion, reading literature is more interesting than reading scientific books. Interesting, because literature is a kind of work that imitates our real life. It containts many aspects of humans lives. So, readers also read literature for different purposes such as getting information, passing the time, and also
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