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170. A Modality on Crash Movie


This research reveals investigates modality of the movie entitled Crash which is directed by Paul Haggis. In this research, I use Fowler’s theory which focuses on modality as one of the element of interpersonal function of language that is applied on the characters of Crash movie used to express racism, prejudice, and discrimination. This research uncovers the modality used by the speakers in the movie.

This research is descriptive qualitative because the data are in the form of utterances. The data are analyzed in the following steps: Firstly, describing and explaining the context of conversation used by main and supporting characters in Crash movie. Secondly, interpreting how modality is used by the speakers in this movie. Thirdly, discussing the findings, and finally the data are presented descriptively to draw conclusion.

The analysis reveals some findings covering the formulated research question. It is found that the modal selection has a certain meaning and purposely represents by most of the characters which has different ethnics. The modality which is used by the characters in Crash movie is to discriminate, make prejudice and racist to other ethnics.

Based on the findings mentioned above, it is suggested to the next researchers to fill the gap of this research by analyzing other elements of interpersonal function or other function of language, such as ideational function or textual function using Fowler’s theory.
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